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It all starts with a contract between a buyer and a seller. From there it grows to a team effort between the Lender, Title Company and the Real Estate agents. Our technology will keep you informed every step of the way.


  • Loan application

  • Credit history

  • Gather paperwork; w2, taxes, paychecks, bank accounts

  • Employment verification

  • Verification of closing funds

  • Appraisal

  • Underwriting research

  • Clear to Close

  • Send docs to Title

Title Company

  • Title abstract

  • Title search

    • History of owners

    • Liens

    • Clouds on title

    • Lawsuits

    • Divorces

    • Probates

  • Examiner

  • Commit to Title insurance

  • Clear to close

  • Process Lender closing instruction

  • Prepare all documents

  • Fund all necessary parties.

    • Open mortgages

    • Seller

    • Brokerages

Real Estate Agents

  • Submit Contracts to Lender and Title

  • Keep buyers and sellers on track with contract dates and contingencies

  • Update parties on inspections and contingencies

  • Follow up with Lenders and title to make sure all clear.

  • Review closing documents for accuracy

  • Exchange keys with the new owners

  • Party

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